Brillat Savarin

Brillat Savarin is my absolute favorite cheese. I like that it is creamy yet earthy. I tell people that this is what I want to taste before I take my last breath. It’s that good!

When it comes to cheese, I feel that there is a reverence involved in serving it. Putting a cheese board together takes some thought. The accompaniments should make the cheese the star, not overpower it.

When I serve Brillat Savarin…which is every time I host…I like to pair it with all things blueberry.

I buy a half wheel and have them cut it into 2 quarters.  On a wood or marble board, I arrange one quarter on its side and turn the other quarter on the rind. I fill the rest of the board with fresh blueberries, dried wild blueberries and blueberry jam.

The Jam Stand makes a decadent blueberry bourbon jam. I put a little jam in a small ramekin and let the blueberries surround it.

Serve with plain crackers or sweet baguette. Glutino makes a great gluten-free cracker option.

Your guests will be talking about this cheese experience for years.


A firmer cheese is fresher. Have the store cut a piece for you if the case selections are soft and runny.