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Food & Drink

The fresh foods and fine wines available to us in the Napa Valley are unparalleled. Every day, I am reminded how grateful I am to live here . Grocery shopping is one of my favorite adventures. The seasonal produce available to us is so fresh and abundant. Many of us have gardens as well. It doesn’t get more fresh than plucking produce from your own yard.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Pulled pork is a popular Southern dish that all ages find appealing. This recipe almost registers zero on the cooking difficulty meter, yet it registers ten on the enjoyment meter. I like to serve this when I need a help-yourself option for my gatherings. It makes a perfect shelter-at-home meal, too.

2015 Trinity Rouge

The smoky tones and red fruit in this fabulous Rhone-Style Wine make it a perfect choice for this rich and full-flavored meal. All Progeny Wines are stellar. Visit their website to learn more about these premium wines.

Crab Mornay

This is an easy-to-make dip that will steal the show. The rich and creamy texture of the Bechamel Sauce is a decadent base for the delicate crab meat. The spice of the cayenne mixed with the sweetness of the sherry adds the perfect balance.

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