November 2022

Shrimp Etouffee


Etouffee is authentic Louisiana comfort food; a flavorful stew made with vegetables and seafood and served over rice.

Shrimp Etouffee2023-02-05T15:17:33-07:00

Abita Amber Lager


This smooth, malty, slightly caramel Munich style amber lager is used frequently in recipes of great Louisiana chefs.

Abita Amber Lager2022-11-27T19:51:09-07:00

Pain Perdu


Pain Perdu is a decadent option for Sunday brunch and classic addition to all Mardi Gras gatherings.

Pain Perdu2023-02-05T15:20:19-07:00

Kir Royale


This timeless cocktail graces brunch menus around the world. Add some sparkle to yours!

Kir Royale2022-11-27T20:22:29-07:00

Insalata Caprese


If I could describe what summer tastes like, it would be this salad, and its mosaic of garden-fresh ingredients makes an impressive presentation.

Insalata Caprese2023-02-05T15:23:22-07:00

Jacket Potatoes


These potatoes are an enticing option as an entrée and a worthy accompaniment to steaks, chops, or ribs.

Jacket Potatoes2023-02-05T15:25:42-07:00

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