My Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards Cab

My Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards Cab is truly an extension of me. I put so much of myself into the grape growing and winemaking processes. Every step of the process is done by hand.

I offer my wine by the barrel’s worth (288 bottles) to individuals who would like a rare wine for their private cellar. Only 25 barrels are offered each year by invitation. Visit my website for more details.

The flavor profile is classic “Mount Veeder”…lots of black cherry, cassis and damp earth with a hint of dark chocolate covered blueberries. It pairs very well with flavorful foods like a rich Italian red sauce, BBQ or smoked meats, dark chocolate, pizza, and spicy foods like my Jambalaya.

I love being a part of the vintner community in the Napa Valley and especially on Mount Veeder.


I like a six-wheel foil cutter for removing capsules. Most foil cutters have 4 wheels. The extra two wheels make a cleaner cut. The TRUE brand cutter is easy to use with a simple squeeze.

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