November 2019

August 2019

Wagyu & Wine


You just never know who you’ll find in my farmhouse kitchen. This June, it was Celebrity Chef, Kent Rathbun.

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May 2019

Tulips & Tapas


Isn’t Spring glorious? In the Napa Valley, it is marked by bud break. This is when the grapevines wake up and the first leaves emerge from the dormant buds. You can hear “Have you had bud break yet?” all over the valley. I decided to gather some friends to welcome Spring.

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November 2018

Post-Fire Gathering


The Napa Valley fires in October of 2017 were devastating. I have several friends that lost their homes. It was heartbreaking to hear their stories of close calls and loss. After securing our homes and starting repairs, we gathered in gratitude and friendship. 

Post-Fire Gathering2019-05-20T22:01:45-07:00

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  • Dona Kopol Bonick, Kopol Bonick Art & Photography
  • Ryan Schnell
  • DJ Mc Quade, Mc Quade Media
  • Anja Denouden Photography
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